Thursday, May 11, 2006

My Herbal Library

I had someone comment on how they would love to browse my herbal library...

Well... here is my list ;) I do not consider it comprehensive, or complete. Some of the books are not Christian in content... and I have blogged elsewhere on my frustration at how much of the Christian society tends to dismiss herbs out of hand because they think it is witchcraft and now the best herbal information is often found in a pagan book. I wish someone would write some more Catholic books! I have highlighted the ones I think best :D
I love the herbal Almanacs... not because of the pagan influence, but because they have some wonderful recipes and information on herbs in there.

2002 Herbal Almanac

2004 Herbal Almanac

2005 Herbal Almanac

2006 Herbal Almanac

Common herbs For Natural Health: Juliette de Bairacli Levy

Blooming Bellamy: David Bellamy
Natural Health Bible: Ed. Steven Bratman
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs: Ed. Sarah Bunny
Culpeper’s Complete Herbal and English Physician: Nicholas Culpeper
Culpeper’s Colour Herbal
Field Guide to Eastern Central Medicinal Plants and Herbs: Foster and Duke
Gerard’s Herball (abridged)
A Modern Herbal Vol. 1: Mrs. Maude Grieve
A Modern Herbal Vol. 2: Mrs. Maude Grieve
Spices and Herbs: Elizabeth Hayes
Holistic Herbal: David Hoffmann
A Handbook of Native American Herbs: Alma Hutchens
Back to Eden: Jethro Kloss
Lasagna Gardening with Herbs: Patricia Lanza
50 Year Anthology of the Herbalist Almanac: Clarence Meyer
Mother Nature M.D.: Eric Meyer
Four Centuries of American Herbs: Patricia Mitchell (booklet)
Hygeia; A Woman’s Herbal: Jeannine Pavarti
PDR for Herbal Medicines
Blackberry Cover Herbal: Linda Ours Rago
Heritage of Herbs: Bertha Reppert
Natural Child Care: Marybeth Riggs
Naturally Healthy Babies and Children: Aviva Jill Romm
Herbs and Things: Jeanne Rose
Herb Gardens of Delight: Adelma G. Simmons
Herbal Treasures: Phyllis Shaudys
Colonial Kitchen Herbs: Ferne Shelton (booklet)
A Christmas Herbal: Adelma G. Simmons
Natural Home Remedies: ED. Karen Sullivan
Family Herbal: Theiss
The Herbs of Life: Lesley Tierra
The Way of Herbs: Michael Tierra
Herbal Home Spa: Tourle and Weinberg
Natural Health, Natural Medicine: Dr. Andrew Weil


JennGM said...

Thanks for sharing the library. I have a few of the same, but you have some awesome ones. I'll have to keep my eyes open.

I agree about the witch thing. I came across some references in "Forgotten Herbs" or something when I was younger and was shocked, but have learned to filter. We need more Catholic "Strega Nonas."

I'm crazy about Bertha Reppert and her books Her book "Herbal Weddings" influenced me on my wedding day.

Spinneretta said...

Maybe you and i should do a 'Strega Nona's Book of Herbs' ;)
The Bertha Reppert book I came across at the annual herb feestival here... I haven't seen her other stuff... thanks for the heads up!