Friday, May 12, 2006

And what about a ROSARY Garden?

Having a closer look through the Mary Garden Site, I was taken by surprise at the 'Rosary Garden'.
I dont know why... I have seen rosaries done in many different ways, but this was a very unique idea! Stepping stones represent the prayers the way a rosary bead would do. Some are full rosaries, others just a decade, and the mysteries are represented with the flowers.
Then there was the 'Via Crucis' or ' Way of the Cross' garden, with stones to represent the stations of the cross, illustrated with plants for each station.
I had heard of the 'Via Crucis' gardens... they are often in cloisters and opened to the public around Easter. My sister visits one with her school... and at Easter, they end in the 'Easter Garden' and at Christmas, you have the stable to see.
It's amazing the way the contemplative life can incorporate God, Jesus and Mary into every step isn't it?

How to make a Mary Garden from Catholic

Our Lady's Bedstraw:

Our Lady and the Infant Jesus, staying in the stable, had nothing but straw and hay to keep them warm. There was nowhere to lay the infant, but the manger where the straw for the animals was kept, and Mary used it.
When Mary laid down her child upon the straw, the straw burst into bloom, the yellow flowers representing the divinity of the Infant Christ.

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Another plant there, that which we call Lungwort or Our Lady's Milk Drops is characterised by white spotted leaves. It is said that the spots got there from drops of Our Lady's milk as she nursed the Christ Child.

There are so many more legends out there, that I am sure I will share more with you another time ;)

In the meantime, enjoy!

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