Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The beauty of Nature

I am sitting here at the computer, wondering if my post will make it, because a storm has just come in. Dont get me wrong, I love storms. Always have.
Although I will add that most storms over here in Virginia, are a little more vicious than those I was used to back home in England.
The rain, is always harder... the little splashes on the road that I used to call rain fairies, are always there. There is no gentle rain the way I had it back home. Mum tells me that the rain is not as gentle there either, anymore. It's a shame, because I vividly recall sitting by the window, watching the rain, in the hopes that the 'rain fairies' would come :)
On the up side, my garden desperately needs the water. My new plants and herbs, that I got from the herb festival are growing already. Normally, this puts me in the garden with a bucket of water and a cup to water them with. Thunderstorms do the job for me... both in filling my bucket and in watering the plants. I dont keep the water in the bucket any more though, as mosquito bites really cause me to swell up these days.

Here is our first peony of the season... beautiful isn't it?

And my favourite garden view...

And DS, telling us about his garden... how he built his tripod. How he took a coffee can, buried it part way, filled it with water and put weeds in it. Definitely the makings of a gardener!!

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