Monday, January 29, 2007

Early signs of spring...

I have wanted to share this post for a while, but have only just been able to do so :)
A few weeks back... early January, I noticed that it really had not been very cold this winter. In fact... the day was warm and balmy... and the first signs of spring were in the air.
Tree flowers in evidence... the Red Maple Buds.

I had taken the kids outside with me, wrapped only in a sweater as nothing more was needed. While I sat and read my book, the kids ran around... Rebel discovered the red maple flowers above... and I showed him how to use the field guides (below) to identify the variety out and about. Nature study the way God planned it...

VERY relaxing for Mum... after all. who cares if a kid is yelling outside, when he is yelling about his discovery of His creation? :)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Nature Study with the kids:

Take a look… we started a bird feeder project… special finch seed mix, one apple suet cake

And one peanut butter suet cake.

The squirrel liked it a bit, but the seed is not to his taste (he hasn’t been back since)

But the wrens LOVE it!

And so do the children... it was a little wet and chilly the day we put it up, but they love to watch out the window daily :)

We also read Moon of the Winter Bird by Jean Craighead George... HIGHLY recommended! You can read more of our day to day school over at the Jacobite Rose.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Beginnings

Everything is beginning anew this year... and my garden is definitely begging a little ahead of time.
I cant say as how I am very disappointed... I am more than ready for spring, and the gardening companies out there have obliged me by sending me copies of their catalogues in the mail :).

But... I spoke of new beginnings. My old Homeschoolblogger Blog, just, well, died a little on me... it refused to let me post! I could log in, but not post, so, I started a new one over here...

Check out the Jacobite Rose!