Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Loveliness of Gardens

I have been offline all week, or I would have mentioned that Jennifer has hosted the Loveliness of Gardens of which I am honoured to be a part :)

On another gardening note, I have noticed my limas, green beans and corn all sprouting…
Here are the beans:

And here is the corn:

I have also rescued several bean and corn seeds from the pooing cat, along with a pepper plant. My experiment with citrus peel to deter it was mildly successful… it kept the cat away for about 4 whole days before the rain obviously washed some of the citrusy smell away. I am thinking of that orange-cleaning stuff next!

I now also have baby peas...

And broccoli (does anyone know when to harvest this? I'm hungry! I think it might be ready NOW!

We don't just have vegetables blooming with health, but also some flowers. Take this peony for instance:

Or my beautiful Valerian:

Or one of the many wonderful (and scented) roses in the garden.

(This one is my new New Dawn rose :))

And now to answer some comments ;)

Yes, the peach-dressed girl grows in the garden… in fact it is a problem keeping her OUT of it! (She especially loves to go in there when we are about to go out shopping!!)

Thank you ALL for the compliments… I had my second harvest of the season the other day with tacos… we used the rocket/roquette/arugula in place of lettuce :)

And yes, the gate does make it look secret gardenish… perhaps that is why I love it so :)

People who live in the garden must also work there though! ;)