Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Wildlife Update and a Garden one Too!

The summer is drawing to an end, and the disappearance of the little hummingbird 
who used to sit outside my kitchen window, is an obvious sign of that.
Unfortunately, the mosquitoes have yet to leave...
But the garden and the pond we like to watch are still teeming with life!
A quick trip to the pond the other day, netted us an up close and personal view of the beaver eating... apparently he is rather fond of dandelions... leaves and roots!
His friend the heron stood nearby before flying off to roost for the night... and the ducks, geese and fish are all dab hands at convincing the regular patrons at the nearby Panera's restaurant to give them a morsel... not to mention the sparrows!

The garden is doing well... my Swiss chard is in full leaf, the jasmine is still blooming... and the tomatoes look OK, although I see no more fruit.  I am considering planting a few spinach and lettuce seeds, especially after the recent spinach scare!
We have a few new bulbs to plant, then a garden to tidy for the winter... not long before the cold days settle in now.