Monday, May 01, 2006

My Garden

When you look at our garden, it really looks special.
It took us years to get here.
When I first moved to America, my husband had plain grass, with a few antique roses.
After a year or so, we started adding the garden beds... we deesigned the circle area after those we had seen in historical sights.
We made a few mistakes. Our circle is too big to weed easily... but I have a solution up my sleeve ;) Our 'square corners' are likewise too big... but filling them with flowers is helping with the weeds !

Our paths were made bit by bit... we would buy as much as we could each week. It took months... an entire spring and summer one year, to make the path and the circle.
The beds that the path passes by had all taken the previous year to make.
The patio was another project that took the best part of a year. It wasn't quite as bad as the path... but we were well into summer before we had enjoyment out of it.

The plants have been gathered over the years... and have special memories associated with them.
Some came from my Mother-in-Law's garden, others from historical sites we visited. Some are volunteers... like ALL of the Irises we have!!
Many of our plants are natives... I like to grow them and OLD varieties especially. I am proud to say that the founding Fathers would recognise most of the plants here!!

The trees in the garden have varied histories... a few were transplants... from gardens of friends, or from further down the hill of our own garden. Some were planted from seed by my husband. Others were saved by him... they all have their own stories!

A garden is not something that just happens. It takes years... and believe me, patience grows with it. I am not the most patient person in the world. I always want my garden now but the truth is, that wont happen. I always try, but the garden grows at it's own pace... allowing me to slow down some and enjoy the world.

The most recent addition to the garden, is a table, with which we can sit on the patio and enjoy our food. The chairs are old, an inheritance from the patio of my mother in law, but the memories they bring are priceless...

Gardens are truly food for the soul.

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Theresa said...

Absolutely beautiful! I dream of my garden looking like that some day!