Thursday, February 01, 2007

Feeder Action

The feeder has been busy this week… a pair of red breasted woodpeckers has shown a great affection for the peanut butter suet cake. Unfortunately, they are both somewhat camera shy!

Another new friend visited too… a nuthatch.

Although the wren at the suet tolerated him just fine, she was not so thrilled later when the woodpecker came and sat on the post scolding him.

Our old friends the chickadee and the titmouse are regulars… and their cheerful chirping often draws us to the window to see.

There is also a pair of cardinals who comes daily, as well as some sparrows and of course the wren. The biggest kerfuffle is made though, when the woodpeckers come… apparently they are a family favourite… I will try to get photos of them :)

I will apologise for the quality of the pictures... but I refuse to go out into the cold to scare the birds away trying to photograph them. This is through our window... at my favourite settee perch where I can watch the birds all day :)

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