Friday, February 02, 2007

A Fascinating Day at the Feeder

It is a fact. All birds prefer peanut suet to apple suet. I am not sure why, but the peanut suet is almost all gone, while the apple suet, sadly remains.
This morning saw some serious feeder activity… in addition to the pairs of titmice and chickadees (and of course the wrens) we saw the red bellied woodpecker, a downy woodpecker, a pair of house finches, a pair of nuthatches and, away from the feeder, juncos, cardinals, blue jays and robins.
We made up a few pages on the computer and Rebel drew the wrens from life, and a downy woodpecker from the book. Wet weather kind of put a stop to the idea I had brewed in my head about making some peanut butter pine cone feeders… but maybe next week we’ll do that and also make a suet cake… or a bird bath…
The ideas just keep coming!

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