Monday, January 29, 2007

Early signs of spring...

I have wanted to share this post for a while, but have only just been able to do so :)
A few weeks back... early January, I noticed that it really had not been very cold this winter. In fact... the day was warm and balmy... and the first signs of spring were in the air.
Tree flowers in evidence... the Red Maple Buds.

I had taken the kids outside with me, wrapped only in a sweater as nothing more was needed. While I sat and read my book, the kids ran around... Rebel discovered the red maple flowers above... and I showed him how to use the field guides (below) to identify the variety out and about. Nature study the way God planned it...

VERY relaxing for Mum... after all. who cares if a kid is yelling outside, when he is yelling about his discovery of His creation? :)

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