Monday, February 13, 2006

I recently received in the mail, the book Hygeiea, A Woman's Herbal by Jeannine Pavarti Baker.
The herbal is a little outdated... persisting in trying to 'recover' the meaning behind some of the 'foul language' used to describe intimate parts and actions between couples.
And in line with it's 'antiquity' it has a small section on such drugs as LSD and Marijuana.
Truth be told, it was not my style. There was a lot of information in there, some of it quite valuable, but I do not subscribe to the feminist viewpoint... I am someone who feels that so many feminists are more 'anti-female' than many men, hating who and what they are.
I subscribe to the idea that I was created female, and I love being female. I use my femininity wisely, and revel in it.
There is no reason I should hate being a woman, or hate all the aspects that come with womanhood. For that is who I am. Sometimes I just want to take the feminine in me and rejoice in my ability to see it and enjoy it. Why not try it yourself? What is there to not like?
We do not need to meet men on their turf, why try to emulate all that they are? We are ourselves.
But I digress.
The important things I learned from the book are:
One... Not all books are created equal... there are many mistakes in this one... especially with regards to the plant names...
two...Even books with plant names messed up can have valuable information
and three... there is a movement, even among the feminists, against the birth control pill and all it stands for. Even she believed that the pill caused 'abortions', although she was not necessarily against this. She was, however, against it for the bad effects it has on you.
She shared some herbal birth control ideas... but my absolute favourite, was her fequent mentioning of NFP...
If only all women were willing to learn their own cycle, their personal rhythm, then there would be a number of much happier relationships out there.
Not because NFP will bring you closer, quite so much as it will not alter your moods in the way the pill does!

Think About it :)

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