Thursday, February 09, 2006

Saw Palmetto

It appears that a doctor decided to try to do a trial using Saw Palmetto as a remedy for prostate issues.
The doctor gave all his patients placebos in the first month and switched half of them to Saw Palmetto in the succeeding months.
Of course, you know the result... he 'proved' that saw palmetto has less effect than placebos do.

Truthfully speaking, I saw two issues in his study... the one he admitted to was that he was uncertain of the dosage/quality of the saw palmetto. I can't help but think that perhaps he would have been better off consulting a herbalist for this information. Capsules are not traditionally the preferred method of giving a patient herbals medicines, and dosage does indeed have a significant effect on the results.
But, more interestingly, I thought his results on the placebo were significant.
if the mind truly can have a large effect on the persons health, does not this deserve further study?
I know there are many doctors who buck against the trend and insist that there are many 'health problems' out there that need mental adjustment rather than allopathic medications. They tell us that many of the main health problems people suffer are in fact, more to do with stress and bad diet, than an issue with the 'parts' of the body not working.
Perhaps it would behove these doctors to also try some of these 'alternatives' rather than trying always to debunk herbal medicines!

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