Monday, March 06, 2006

Spring is springing into life!

So I have noticed the signs of spring arriving...
there was the huge flock of geese that went overhead, heading North, the other day. I mean huge!! There were probably fifty geese in it!
The Grackles have arrived in huge numbers... obviously we're on a migration route, because they are not here during the summer... but they have been here in large numbers the past two weeks!
The cardinals are red, and I spotted a bluebird just the other day. Robins are appearing in great numbers, hopping across the lawn and cocking their heads to look for worms.
The blossom on the pear and cherry trees is bursting forth, and I have seen a lot of forsythia blooming, huge yellow stalks waving in the wind.
Finally, the season of cold will end.

Speaking of cold, does it not seem ironic that modern medicine insists that cold weather does not contribute to the catching of colds? Following scientific thought patterns it would seem that we're supposed to catch things more in summer. After all, the warmer weather would surely make the germs multiply more, right?
But if we delve into the thoughts of old Eastern and Western herbalism, looking into the properties of the common cold, and the heat/cold system of cause and effect, suddenly it makes more sense.
A cold, has so called 'cold' symptoms. A lot of mucous, fever, shivering, sniffing and sneezing. HOT herbs and spices tend to help us through it.
Might we just say that perhaps the common 'cold' is an excess of cold energy, the way the ancients saw it? And that excessive cold can exacerbate it? And that changing your diet to include HOT herbs and spices and foods to try and bring you back into balance is the very reason chicken soup and cayenne make you feel so much better?
It's definitely worth a look into, IMHO...

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