Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Gardener

My husband and I do a lot of our gardening on the weekend. It's just easier that way! This week though, because of predictions for rain (which never appeared) on Sunday AND Saturday, and promised 80 degrees plus (which DID appear) on Friday, Jacobite took the day off and gave himself a long weekend.
It was lovely, although not really restful, we did get a lot done in the garden!

It was a warm day on Friday. Sunny- enough so to burn me despite my wearing sunblock. But this meant that the bugs were out. I have a few mosquito bites on my leg, and these photos to prove it!

An Eastern Tailed Blue Butterfly... next to a maple seed.

M'Lady spent a good deal of time, patiently watching the butterflies (there were about three of them at any one time) and then she decided she wanted to hold one. When one finally crawled onto her fingertip, she was ecstatic!

M'Lady holds an Eastern Tailed Blue.

Meantime, I was making a trellis. I got DH to cut the CPVC pipes for me, and to bang the rebar stakes into the ground. The design comes straight out of Mel Bartholomew's Square foot Gardening, although I used string and not netting for the middle.

My Pea Trellis.

On Saturday, we grew fed up of being scratched to death by the roses around our path, and invested in an arbour.

Before the arbour.

This decision has only been three years in the making, the last two years we put it off and regretted it. This year we did it and are VERY happy with the results!

After the arbour! No more scratches!

The kids got in nature study too... watching a green snake, the butterflies, the ants... and planting garlic :D (yes I know these are best planted in autumn!)

For our butterfly identification, I used this PDF File.

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denise said...

Beautiful garden. Love the arbor - and the trellis...nice!:) What a tiny butterfly!