Thursday, March 13, 2008

Springtime Happenings...

at our house. These are springtime views from our garden and just across the road!
First... seeds. They are sprouting!!

Lettuce seedlings...

and pea seedlings.
Our flowers look good too! M'Lady investigates the Veronica sp.

We saw our first butterfly of the year today.

It was investigating these beautiful, but stinky Bradford Pear blossoms.

This Magnolia virginiana is infinitely more appealing in it's scent.

The Irises are sprouting too... reminding us of the 'green spikes' Mary finds in the Secret Garden.

While the peach blossoms are out, and enlivening the garden with their beauty.

Wild flowers, like this Henbit, abound.

It, and it's cousin the Purple Deadnettle are loved by our kids. They call them Gobbaloon flowers. A name Rebel gave them many years ago!

and where you find Purple Deadnettle, you find Pennsylvania Bittercress. It has a rosette of leaves at the base.

This inedible Indian Strawberry is a native to our garden. It hides away in shady spots.

Dandelions are propagated by our children playing with the Dandelion clocks! This one sports the first bee we saw this year. Rebel later spotted a bumblebee... also the first of the year.

But not all nature study is about flowers! Rebel is digging a 'mine'. A hole at the bottom of our hill, where he tells me he is being a 'geologist'. :)

Inside the house, an experiment lingers. Three days ago, we spread cress seeds across a damp napkin. Already today we have LEAVES. We hope to eat an egg and cress sandwich in a week ;)

I hope you have enjoyed this round of spring at our house... until next time... from Sunny central Virginia!

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