Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Garden Planning

I was astonished to discover that there just don't seem to be many gardeners in my area.
Trawling the blogs led to a couple, but our unique circumstances of being in the Upper South, with disadvantages of both the Southern hot summers and the sub-zero temperatures of the Northern winters, seem to just make gardening something people around here in Central Virginia, NOT want to do!
Well I for one will not quit! I grew up in gardening country (yes the English still love to garden, and most will at least have one or two veggies hidden in their flowers), and I really, really want a vegetable garden.
I picked up a new book to help me The Southern Kitchen Garden, but disturbingly, it seems to think that the 'South' ends at North Carolina!

HELLO... Virginia is Southern too! Oh well, the information is sound.

I enjoyed reading the seed catalogs, planning my garden for the year!

And I journalled my choices of vegetable if not the varieties!

Later I will update you on my new bird feeder... it's great!


MaDonaVerde said...

Hi Spinneretta,

Love your blog :-) Since you're frustrated with trying to garden there in VA, wondering if you've heard of the work(s) of Machaelle Small Wright of Perelandra? She lives/works/gardens in Warrenton, VA with TREMENDOUS success: long-ago inspired by the Findhorn folks. She no longer has IRL open houses, but will still be doing three virtual ones over the course of the summer. She also has lots of books/videos/audio that describe exactly what she does and how. Her website is www.perelandra-ltd.com

HTH and Happy Gardening! :-)

MDV in SoCal (so not the winters, but I do hear you about the summer part ;-)

Spinneretta said...

MDV- I had not heard of her or her C.S. Lewis named site! Thanks for telling me!