Friday, January 25, 2008

The Bird Feeder

This weekend, I took the advice of some friends and went out to purchase some different bird seed… I picked up a mesh sock of nyjer seed and some Harvest bird seed mix. I also got a small, new tube feeder to put the latter in!

I was amazed, the birds quickly found the feeder… and quickly decimated the food supply! I have to refill the feeder once a day at present!
This morning, the feeder (which I filled yesterday) had a bunch of seed.

A couple of hours later, the thing was almost empty! You can see it towards the top of the picture ;) (see the goldfinches munching on the nyjer?)

This is certainly successful, I am wondering what to get next… I think I will get a bird bath :)

And yes, I am still having garden dreams…


Tina said...

We are making bird feeder and homemade suet in zoology in 2 weeks. I loved seeing your mesh bag. I they (zoology book) suggest a mesh bag for the suet, but I couldn't invision using one. Now I can.

I know I saw some at the dollar store for $1 for 3 bags. I am going to head there today and pick up some fo the kids.

And yup, you have some hungry birds there. :o)


Spinneretta said...

My thistle seed is in the mesh bag... but I could definitely use one for hardened suet... what a great idea!

My birds appear to be starving. Apparently, there is absolutely no food in my garden ;) Of course that means the juncos, robins, bluebirds, sapsuckers and sparrows are lying... :D

purplepaint said...

I love your drawings! Thank you for the welcome to EDM and for visiting my blog. :) Marva