Monday, October 15, 2007

Garden Friends

We worked on the house this weekend, Jacobite and I were cleaning the windows (ALL of them inside and out) and the kids were outside playing in the dirt.
I would have loved to get photos of them scraping holes in the dirt and throwing the clods into the air, but I had the pledge and windex going... and no room for the camera!

However, sharp eyed Rebel spotted a green snake, which Jacobite obligingly caught for him.
He was not precisely friendly... he bit Jacobite a few times, but luckily someone was wearing gloves.

We all thrilled to touch the little fellow, who's scaly skin was smooth and rather soft.
We left him to go back to the wilderness, eating bugs as he went.
The only garden excitement after that, was the harvesting of another bunch of limas.  Interestingly enough, the large lima beans appeared to love the lack of water this year.  Last year, our smaller bush limas did not do as well... something worth noting for the year to come!

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