Monday, April 24, 2006

Garden Adventures

This Sunday, we had a chance to work in the garden.

After a day of nothing but rain the day before, the garden was a sopping wet, humid, lush place to work... and pleasantly warm!
The two days of rain before had led to huge amounts of growth, in just a few days.
Our next door neighbour had mowed his lawn only Wednesday, and by Sunday, it desperately needed it again... but it was too wet!!

We decided that the path was going to be first in the line for clean up. Winter weed growth covered it, and it was beginning to look like it too needed mowing!



A little later in the day, the weather had managed to stay warm and dry long enough for the grass to dry out. Dh got on the riding mower, first to take the WAGONFUL (and I mean riding mower sized wagon) of weeds down to the hill bottom to dump them out (we're trying to level the ground out there), and secondly to mow the grass and the weeds down the hill. We have an especially bad problem with Japanese Knotweed down there, and it was taller than the kids!
Dh found a visitor there, who visits us fairly frequently!

This is Beau...
and this is DS being scared of him!
We tentatively identified the turtle as a male... he is an Eastern Box Turtle not a tortoise! We call him Beau after an old pet of Dh's and he is quite the regular visitor... he has lived around here for over 14 years!

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