Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Garden

Mother's day in the garden is always fun! There is so much growing here in Central Virginia! The air is sweetly scented with honeysuckle and roses, and the birds are washing in the fountain!
My pomegranate has a bloom...

Just the one so far. My neighbour has spoken about cutting down the trees- especially after one of them broke off in the gales this weekend!
My daughter loves these chive blossoms- you can pick them and use them to make a pink chive vinegar!

My potatoes are getting huge- so I added a lot of mulch around them. After I watered them a LOT because the wind had dried out the ground so badly. I also transplanted one of the zucchinis I was growing into this bed.

The other one remains in the pot I planted them in:

Black Beauty Zucchini

My broccoli is beginning to flower too!

See the tiny little floret in the middle there? Just the first three I planted are blooming yet- but I suspect the others will soon too.
You can also see that my lettuce and spinach are doing great too...

I mulched around the broccoli because it'll help the roots to stay cooler, hopefully preventing it from bolting!
Something is munching on my spinach- but I am not sure what it is.
There are other triumphs occurring...

PEAS! Yes, large numbers of pods have been spotted on my pea vines!

These are a shelling variety- so I have to wait for the pods to fatten up before I get to pick them.

I also have baby tomatoes.

These are the sungold ones, so not much longer until I can actually eat them ;) And they are not the only ones...
The other tomato is blooming!

And so is the other pepper!!

And in the best news of all- the decapitated pepper has sprung back:

Look at all those new leaves!
My beans are growing like the proverbial weed. I nicely used a yardstick so you could see that ;)

As are their cousins the lima beans:

Those I did not measure for you!
Speaking of beans, take a look at these blackeyed peas...

They were part of my daughter's science experiment- she chose to grow blackeyed peas from the jar of them we had for cooking. She is quite proud of their progress- and I am amazed at how well they are doing.
I have a couple of swiss chard plants too. Here is one. Yes, I have picked a couple of leaves from the chard, spinach and lettuce. They make great salads!

And in the square next to this one, I transplated the other of my straightneck yellow squash- whose sibling can be seen in it's original pot below...

The carrots are also doing well. The wind dried out the soil terrible though and it seems kind of rocky.

Finally the showpiece- corn with roses! Yes I measured that for you too...

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