Thursday, August 30, 2007

Harvest Waning

Indeed, the season of plenty in my garden is drawing to a close. The corn died an unhappy death as we had another year of 'not-quiet-enough-rain' to keep it going. Of course I could have watered it, but I prefer nature to take it's course.
I did enjoy a couple of peppers from my plants, but the tomatoes were just not happy campers this year!

In spite of that, we have been observing in the garden.
First there were the ants. Indeed, we did not have to go to the garden for this, as they were quite happy there in our house for a while, but we stopped that.
A day or two later, DH discovered these ant 'volcanoes' in the garden... a veritable city of them!

Then there are the baby birds which have been visiting the feeders. I managed to capture this mother and baby on top of our feeders... but excuse the blur, I had to do it through the window without disturbing her!
There were pawpaws ripening on our pawpaw trees this year.
See... I even have proof! But unfortunately, some bandit animal took them. Again. We never have yet managed to eat the pawpaws ourselves!
And the hummingbirds have been visiting, I swear. They often get close to us, they are very friendly... BUT they are SUPERFAST and I never have had my camera ready!
Soon the autumn season will be on us, and I have different plans this year... including the nature table. More about that another time... once I have started!


RMDpriorhouse said...

The garden pictures were great! The photo of the birds was very special and just scrolling down at the handful of pictures was like a mini nature adventure. And it was funny to think of the critter stealing your paw paws.

Spinneretta said...

Thank you! Dh took the ones of the anthills... we all enjoyed the bby birds :)

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Anthills attract my kids, too!

I'm sorry your corn didn't do well. I've never had success with corn, here.

We grew some peppers and some tomatoes, but because the sunflowers were so large they shaded the other veggie plants.

Oh, well. Live and learn.

Your nature table sounds interesting! Can't wait to hear about it!

Anne (aussieannie) said...

I read your comment on my posting about dh's lunch and came over for a browse, only to discover my capsicum! Discovering it is called a pepper, I've linked your post back to my post for a better understanding of my term 'capsicum'!

God Bless, Anne