Monday, December 04, 2006

Caught in a Migration

Sometimes, the timing is just right.
there we were, just wandering round in Old Town Smithfield, Virginia, when we noticed a HUGE flock of birds going overhead. There were a good few hundred birds in the flock, and we thought nothing of it.
That is until a second and then a third flock went over us... followed by more flocks.
After a few such sites, I realized we had to be in the path of a migration... but what bird? In the car, I looked up in relative safety, and noticed a medium sized bird, that looked somewhat black.
It is my opinion that we were seeing flocks of red-winged blackbirds or maybe their relatives the grackles. I know for sure that those two birds migrate through our area!

I was not able to get a GREAT picture of the birds, but managed to capture the edge of one of the flocks.

The sunset on the way home, was similarly spectacular... I love the sunsets at this time of year... the colours are wonderful... you just have to SEE them to believe!

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Alice said...

What a great experience.

Actually, I think these photos are wonderful. It is so difficult to get a truly good picture of the sky.