Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Harvest and Garden friends...

In the last week we had our first bean harvest. I lost the pictures for those, but I did get the second on film...

Here they are, fresh picked and washed... ready to top, tail and snap...

And steam gently to serve, tender, but not overcooked. Of course I also had to fix a load that were boiled until falling apart for DH... but that is his preference ;)

While out in the garden, there are plenty of things to see. DS discovered a praying mantis this week... which is probably the mother of the praying mantis egg sack discovered in my Jasmine... they LOVE my Jasmine, and I am not sure why... but I dont mind. They EAT bad bugs ;)

This guy was sitting on an old tigerlily stem when I went out one day. His eyes are the prettiest turquoise colour... and he is a beautiful powder blue. DS was quite fascinate with him and drew him in various positions on the stem and around the garden.

Speaking of gardens, take a look at DS's one! It is full of blooming gladiolii!

Of course DS is fascinated to realise that the term 'Gladiolus' obviously comes from tle Latin for sword, Gladius... understandable really, their leaves look like swords. DS is pulling out some weeds... he definitely has a green thumb!

Finally... a note about our favourite nature spot...

last seen there were some DUCKLINGS... one of them appeared to be trying to eat a piece of wood :o
DH took the kids there the other day without me... while I browsed the bookstore. They managed to feed the fish, see the beaver, geese and ducks and thoroughly enjoy themselves :)
Who said you can't have urban nature study?!

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