Wednesday, June 07, 2006

More Garden Delights...

A recent trip into the garden netted us with a good few opportunities for some serious nature study.

First DS ‘tricked’ a butterfly onto his hand… and he is soooooooo proud of himself!

Then we discovered the pawpaw fruits on our pawpaw tree. The darned raccoon managed to get most of them, so this is it!

Here is the friend who helps to keep the bugs away from us…

The Tigerlily that bloomed in the pot near our path:

The Plant that the caterpillars eat has also bloomed:

My Jasmine smells DIVINE

While the bellflower is beautiful…

And the coreopsis is so pretty!

They watched bees on the motherwort, they watched dragonflies and butterflies and learned how to identify poison ivy while DH and I got it out of the garden, from where it had really taken a hold. A bumper year for the plant!

I am currently waiting on my tomatoes and beans... and hopefully will be able to picture them soon!!

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