Thursday, January 19, 2006


Wortcunning is the Anglo Saxon word meaning 'herb craft'... you will often see 'wort' in the common names of many herbs out there.

I was introduced to my love of herbs many years ago... and although I have yet to make any herbal remedies, I can honestly say I have used them in their raw forms.
An aloe vera sits in my home for burns, the comfrey and plantain in my garden have staunched wounds... and the comfrey has the revered title of the plant with magic leaves from my children :)

The idea behind this blog, is to give me a space to post about the things I have learned about herbs.
There is always something to learn, and I will share my favourite resources too :)

For now, I will just leave you thinking about, how did the first person discover all this? I think, in our wanderings and all our searches, we need to have the curiosity of a child... and keep trying new things out.
I hope that this year, will be the year I finally succeed in finding that inner child!

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